Fake Vagina Fails – Worst Fleshlight Ever


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How To Clone A Pussy & Vagina Replica

You have probably heard about the Clone-A-Willy kit that lets you make a realistic dildo out of your boyfriends cock. There happens to be a similar product for women who want to cast molds out of their vaginas. It’s called Clone-A-Pussy and can be bought from most sex toy shops for around $20-$30 dollars.

Clone A Pussy Finish Vagina Mold Results
clone a pussy vagina mold results

Buy the Clone-A-Pussy and Edible Clone-A-Pussy Chocolate Molding Kits from

  • Edenfantasys.com
  • Pinkcherry.com
  • Homemade Rubbot Sex Toy Makes Beer Climax

    Oh yeah masturbate that Heineken!

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    Turn Kitchen Sponges Into DIY Vagina Sex Toy

    The Kitchen Sponge Fleshlight is probably the easiest DIY Fap Toy to make. Watch the video below for instructions

    You only need three ingredients to create your own DIY Vagina:

    Latex Glove(s)
    Empty Can
    2 Kitchen Sponges

    Have fun, you dirty freaks!

    DIY Lubricant Recipe With Xanthan Gum

    Jerking off so much that you’re constantly running out of lube? You can easily make that stuff at home! Just follow the recipe below and start making gallons of waterbased lube in your own kitchen.

    Make Your Own Water Based Personal Lubricant

    DIY Waterbased Lube Recipe

    Vegetable Glycerin
    Xanthan Gum

    See video for detailed instructions.

    Girl Shows How To Build Home Made Sex Toy For Men

    Martha Stewart of homemade sex toys shows how to build your own fuck buddy. With just a couple of household items you can build your own homemade pussy. It’s no Fleshlight but it is cheap and easy to make, much easier then building your own vagina that’s for sure.

    How To Make A Fee Fee – DIY Vagina Video Instructions

    DIY Fee Fee Vagina Instruction Videos & Recipe

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    DIY Starch Fleshlight Tenga Masturbator Recipe

    The “Starch Fleshlight” or “Tenga Clone” is a popular DIY Sextoy because it’s easy to do and feels pretty damn good. Just make sure to wash your dick off with soap when you are done. Gotta get that starch out so you don’t get a yeast infection or some shit like that.


    DIY VAGINA – Cornstarch Fleshlight Tenga Recipe

    Glass or Cup
    2 Parts Water
    1 Part (Potato) Starch
    Mix it well
    Microwave it
    Make a hole
    Cool it down
    Fuck it!